Monday, 24 June 2013

Who stole our breakfast!? Breakfast Thieves!

How to start a perfect saturday off? Awesome breakfast with good company and a cup of hot chocolate (applies to Ms only)! We headed to one of the recent most talked about place, "Breakfast Thieves" in Fitzroy for our brunch. Opened early april this year by a Malaysian owner, serving mouth watering australian cuisine with a twist of asian, it is currently The Bunch's number one place for brunch. 

'As soon as you sit down to a cup of hot coffee, your boss will ask you to do something which will last until the coffee is COLD'

While waiting for our table we squashed some brain juice to figure out what does the writing means. Mr guessed it meant to say that their coffee being so awesomely good that the boss get's so jealous and he will do anything to prevent you from enjoying your coffee, at least until it became cold.

Where good coffees were made

Industrial interior design with open kitchen

Happy kid with her must drink Hot Chocolate

Dessert came first

Botak Chin - malaysian char-siew pork wrapped in chili-chive crepe, side of crisp enoki mushroom, carrots, orange & sesame, rocket salad

It tasted more like dongpo pork because the meat for dongpo pork is much more tender and soft but the usual texture for char-siew is slightly harder. Anyway, this is Da Bomb! You can't go wrong with char-siew!  Ahhhh writing about this makes me drool, would love to have that tender and sweet piece of meat in my mouth NOW! 

The Leprechaun - crisp spiced sweet corn & basil fritters on cauliflower puree & peas, side of poached eggs on mini avocado toast drizzled with basil oil

Mr Benedict - ham, poached free range eggs with hollandaise sauce on sourdough toast add on extra ham & egg

Kalimuthu "KFC" - malaysian kunyit-fried chicken pieces served in crisp roti, baby endive, carrot, cucumber & chili-onion shrimp paste chutney

Candid shot of Mr

Candid shot of Ms

Mr & Ms

They have funny names on their menu such as Goldilocks, Thieves On The Run, The Usual Suspects etc. Wanted to try out The Legend but our tummy just couldn't fit anymore, i guess we'll have to wait for our next visit. Maybe Brioche Pain Perdu too? Can't wait =)

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