Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Ms: Helloooooooo Hellooooooo

Holla people!!

A photo of us to remind you how our faces look like~ haha!

Ahnyeong! I'm back to my blog =) Both of us has been super duper busy for the past few weeks, especially during spring break and I thought I can wake-up-everyday-and-not-do-anything-at-all. So here's a quick update on what I've been doing during my two week holidays~

-Barista Course-

Melbourne's coffee culture is so happening that I've been influenced! I used to only drink Mocha but since drinking coffee is a must here so I've decided to learn more about coffee and so, I booked myself a two days barista course. 

Latte and cappuccino to start the class with

My first cappuccino and latte, not meant to be consume xD

First attempt to do coffee art, total disaster xD

Wheeee~ having fun =D

My one and only considered successful latte art made unaware-ly

-Clubbing Night-

Went to a one off clubbing event 'Neverland' in Crown, drink drank drunk.

First eww! ABC Bomb

Second eww! ABC

Third eww and not the last eww! ABC and Coffee Patron

Us girlssss doin our thing

-Baking Day-

Made cakes for le boyfie, managed to whipped up two cakes with very limited equipment especially without an oven!! =(

No Baked Mango 6" Cheese Cake made from one whole mango

Banana Cake made from old school rice cooker

-Royal Melbourne Show-

Met up le pretty babe for brunch, brought her to Manchester Press for bagels and good coffee. Then we went to Royal Melbourne Show! She came to visit again but at this moment while I'm writing this she's probably off to airport on the way back to KL already.

Yay to good recommendation ^^ Such a coincidence she loves bagel too

Fun carnival night at Royal Melbourne Show

Unicorn on the loose!!!

Hi Hello Kitty!

Wandering about as a unicorn, please ignore my non-matching boots and bag


Le always-17-boi went back to Malaysia for good! Melbourne style farewell as usual with ze bunch, bye byeee my first Melbourne friend =( See you back in KL! Get your place ready for our Melbourne night okay!

What's with the face


And again!

Introducing le helmet!

That's it for today~ Please do not mind my low quality pictures, I have no time to edit so I had to use what I've got from my phone. So many things to blog about yet so much other things to do... busy busy busy!

Sunday, 29 September 2013

Mr: Finally an updated!

Oh goodddd...we finally found some time to update our blog which is kinda dead. We've been sooo busy lately with so many things. I have my mid-term exam to prep for and Ms with her school work too. And after that, our spring break, its not so much of a holiday for us either.The week of holiday is already coming to end and all we can think of is busy busy busyyyy~

Well, if you do not know, all the mid-term breaks like spring break or autumn break are meaningless. We student pretty much do not feel as if we're on a holiday. Yes we do not need to attend any classes during that week but, we have assignments and tests waiting for us immediately after the break ends. In order words, we pretty much study and do our assignment during that holiday. And on top of that, we were mostly and mainly busy with our new business venture which we feel sooo excited and entuasiastic about and would love to share with you all! =D

As some of you might know, we are originally running an online fashion store called Mr & Ms right? So for our new line of business, its called...FruitPotz!!! Its basically a fruit arrangement business. Come check us out at http://www.fruitpotz.com/! We are still new in the market so at the moment we do not have lots of designs to choose from. But stay with us, your support means alot to us and everyday we are working hard to come up with new designs, bouquets and products for you guys. So stay tune =)

Back to the entuasiasm, words cant even describe how excited and satisfied with our achievement at the moment. Making all these pretty little pot fruits just makes both of us soooo happy especially when the arrangement looks so awesome. Alright, I'll shut for now and let the picture do the talking...

"A Little Bit of Everything"

"Sunshine Love"

 "Berry Melon"

 And this is our LATEST product to our menu and we haven't name it yet. Any suggestions?

Arent all these pots of fruits look soooo delicious and yummehhhh??? Haha. I get tempted myself too. Especially for our latest product, I personally do not eat strawberries at all before but after tasting those (espcially the one with nuts), I immediately felt in love with it, no joke. It was soo sooo good!

So basically thats it for the day. We are designing a new arrangement tmr. If you like to be one of the first to be updated with all these pretty little things, come follow us on our Instagram: fruitpotz. 

Note: unfrotunately at this moment, FruitPotz is only operating in Melbourne =(

Good night! 

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Luna 1878 Winter Market 2nd Visit

Wayyy overdue post! We went to Luna 1878 Winter Market again, it's the last winter market of the year. This time we knew what to eat so we went straight to queue for it.

Mr had Pull Pork Burger

 Look at the meattt

Ms finally got to satisfy her craving for soupy bread

Us and Our food~

Creme Brulee

Cannoli with Custard filling

Bigne served with Chocolate Sauce

As expected, the last day of the event, it was filled with even more people compared to our previous visit. And the stores that we bought our food was queing like mad, especially the soup in the bun. Overall the food was pretty good, mainly the Pull Pork burger and the 'soup in the bun'. Even though the bun was actually really tough and hard (it would be perfect if it was slightly softer), we still love what was served INSIDE of the bun.

And this time, we had more desserts!!! They were all yummehhhhh. And as usual, once Mr had something nice, he will go back for the same thing and refuse to try the others. So...he had his banana waffle with ice-cream again. Hehe!

This is pretty much what happened that night. Cant wait for next year's winter market! And sorry for being so slow with all the updates and the inactive-ness lately, we're pretty busy with 'something' *suspicious*. So stay tune and keep following us and you will know what is that 'something' in the near future =D

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Ms: Cooking Experiment #3 - Lettuce Wrap Glass Noodle

Ingredients: (for 2 pax)

- 2 eggs (beaten)
- 1/2 carrot (thinly sliced)
- 6 pcs black fungus (soaked, cut off hard root and thinly sliced)
- 2 stalk spring onions (cut roughly 2 inch and thinly sliced)
- 1/2 onions (thinly sliced)
- glass noodles (soaked and cut short)
- lettuce (cleanly washed and soak with cold water)

 For seasoning:

- 2 tbsp vegetarian powder stock
- salt and pepper to taste


1. Put a little bit of oil in the pan and stir fry onions till fragrant.

2. Add carrot and black fungus then stir fry for about 1 minute.

3. Pour water into the pan until ingredients are fully emerged and bring to boil.

4. Add seasoning and mix well.

5. Add in glass noodle, make sure glass noodle is submerged in the water.

6. Pour the beaten eggs onto the glass noodle. Do not stir yet! Let it cook on top of the glass noodle for 30 to 45 seconds.

7. Add spring onions then stir fry until the water dried up.

Serve with lettuce and you're ready to eat!

- The seasoning I used might be too mild for some people, if you prefer stronger taste you can add chicken stock or oyster sauce depending on your likings.

- Preparation is quite time consuming, especially cutting the ingredients into thin slice.

Sunday, 15 September 2013


Mr's friend is in Melbourne for his  holiday, he felt like eating Thai so we suggested FOMO Thai since none of us has been there before. Tom yum soup, kang kung belacan, thai fish cake, pandan chicken, green curry chicken etc, usually these are the dishes that we'll order whenever we dine in a thai restaurant but Fomo Thai is not your typical thai restaurant, they have a range of street food in their menu too.

Sitting tables and a long bar table

Fear Of Missing Out

Attention to details

Here comes our food:

Yum Ped Krob
Thai style crispy duck salad

Gai Yang Ha Dao
Char-grilled "Five Star" chicken served with sweet chilli sauce and 'Nam Jim Jeaw'

You've heard of Five Star Restaurants, Five Star Hotels and now we've got Five Star Chickens! Apparently Gai Yang Ha Dao (literally roasted chicken five star) is Thailand's own brand of take-away fast food, it is located everywhere and the locals love it. Next trip to Thailand besides the usual Tom Yum and Pad Thai now you know you've got another food to look out for!

Fried Sticky Rice Balls as an alternative to plain rice

Tom Yum Goong Ma Praw Aon
Spicy, sweet and sour soup of king prawns, mussels and mixed mushrooms

Pad Ped Pla Duke Tod Krob
Crispy deep fried catfish with red curry

Group pic ^^

Everyone agreed that it was a satisfying dinner! All four of the dishes were very delicious but the grilled chicken was our most favourite among all =D Rank number two for Mr is the red curry fish whereas rank number two for Ms is the duck salad! Even thou the red curry sounds spicy but in fact the spicy-ness is still tolerable. As for the duck salad, the sour dressing definitely boost our appetite that night but becareful of the small chillies that's hiding somewhere in the salad, it can 'burnt' your tongue if you get a taste of it. 

Actually there's this one ultimate dish that we were sooooo tempted to order, it's one of FOMO Thai's signature dishes and it's all over the review, most of the tables that night had this dish too. It's called Moo Krob Tod, roasted pork bellies served with three specialty sauces. How to resist the calling of crispy roasted pork bellies!? Too bad there's just four of us and half portion is not an option so yeah.. till next time =(

FOMO Thai on Urbanspoon