Sunday, 23 June 2013

The Lui Bar

Last friday night The Bunch dated us to "The Lui Bar" for some drinks. The bar is at the 55th floor of Melbourne's iconic Rialto building. We took the train to Southern Cross Station and walked for about 10 mins till we reach the place. Waited awhile for the lady to let us into the lift and bring us up to 'the hidden floor' because the lift buttons only goes until the 54th floor. The place has a classy feel along with Melbourne city's night view plus, their service was really friendly.

Loving the sofas

Plastic sculptures of transparent clouds on the ceiling 

Cocktails menu with interesting pop up design

Here comes our first round of drinks

The Lola Montez Spider Dance Fizz - a sweet drink for sweet lovers, comes with a spider

Pina Colada - rich taste of milky coconut flavoured drink

Opps forgotten what is this called

Velvet Rotor Macadamia Martini - loved the strong scent of macadamia  

Ms: I stoned when this came, had a lil bit of time accepting that this plain-water-look-alike-drink-in-a-martini-glass is actually my cocktail. I've always thought that cocktails are colourful drinks. Don't judge the drink by it's colour!

A kind of dried fish (forgot what this is, failed big time as a blogger. LOL xD), snack on this with your drinks and chat the night away

Moonlight Bay Oysters - a friend who had this said there's a sparkling popping sensation when you eat it

Reminds us of the sweets we used to eat when we're kids, we would pour the sweets on our tongue and there goes the fireworks in our mouth.

Pinot Noir red wine for our second round of drinks 

Us with half of The Bunch

Spectacular night view of Melbourne

Chilling at the outdoor area




We had a good night with The Bunch, definitely a nice place to chill and chat the night away. But! Our night does't end there, somehow we all ended up in Mink at Eve. It was supposed to be a chill night. =)

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