Saturday, 15 June 2013

Joomak Korean Restaurant

Like FINALLY! Dinner in CBD! Made Ms a happy kid because Mr is preparing for exam so Ms is growing mushrooms at home. We went to Joomak for dinner last night with The Bunch, first night out in the city for Ms since she came back from Malaysia and Mr seriously need to take a break from his endless revision. Joomak is kinda like our special place =) Our first dinner date venue in Melbourne <3 font="">

Joomak is not your typical kind of korean restaurant, they don't serve a wide range of menu but what makes them one of the hottest place in town is nevertheless their oh-so-yummy food and their recommended fruit flavoured soju and rice wine. 

Food for The Hungry Pack of 6
Corn and Cheese
Kimchi Jigae with Pork
Mr's favourite Pan Fried Pork with mild spicy-ness. This is a must-have dish whenever we eat in Joomak.
Silken Tofu Soup with Kimchi and Pork, Ms's favourite dish among all.  
Pan Fried Chicken Giblets
Must try: Pineapple Soju!
One soju is not enough to quench the thirst of The Hungry Pack so we ordered another soju which is honey citron flavoured but we still prefer pineapple flavoured.  

Ms & Mr
Joomak open from 5pm till wee hours on Friday and Saturday, now we know where to go when Ms is craving for korean food in the middle of the night! 

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