Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Teatime with Miss Marple

Last saturday we took a short excursion to Mt Dandenong for teatime desserts after having brunch in Breakfast Thieves with The Bunch. It was such a nice weather, would be a waste not going for a road trip!

After an hour of drive and we're finally here

Miss Marples Tea Room - famous for their scones

A lot of review on the internet mentioned that they had quite a queue to get table as it is usually packed with peoples but we are in luck! Took us only a few minutes to get a table for the six of us.

Teapots and more teapots~ Look at the crowd, it's a full house that saturday afternoon

Kettles and fireplace~ Warm atmosphere for a winter season

'Miss Marple's Own' delicious home-made jam and lashings of freshly whipped cream

Devonshire Scones - we ordered two plain scones and two fruit scones

These are not the usual type of scones. It definitely does not look like your average kind of scones and the texture is totally different too. The texture is slightly more to the soft and fluffy side, it's like cake but not so moist.

Vicar's Folly - butterscotch ice-cream, honeycomb pieces, chocolate, caramel fudge, chocolate syrup, strawberry and whipped cream

Waffles with vanila ice cream and whipped cream with raspberry sauce

Waffles was okay, it's on the special menu so we thought it might be something worth ordering but in the end, it wasn't satisfying. As for the scones, Mr did not like it because of it's texture while Ms find it quite nice but not as good as expected since it is highly rated on the internet. 

Our advise? Don't try to count the calories, this is a total diet disaster! Can't stop gulping one spoon after another, imagine the fats building up...*guilty much*... 

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