Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Mr : Guess whos here!

Brothers from another Mother

Look who just came all the way from home to Melbourne for holiday! What a pleasant surprise and it is definitely nice to have them around during my winter break. They're like my brother/partner-in-crime/poker & drinking kaki. We basically do all the unhealthy stuffs together. Haha! I was initially pretty sad that I could not fly home this holiday but they're presence here will definitely make up for it. Goshh...even now I am still feeling all happy and excited about their arrival. Cant wait to show them the 'Melbourne-style' and get them all drunk this Friday night *smirk*.

So, we had lunch today (we will talk about the lunch in another seperate post so stay tune!) and after that, we head to Il Dolce Freddo! For any one who comes to Melbourne for holiday, it will never be complete if you do not try this gelato before you leave. Especially for Malaysians, you'll never get this back home. They are basically famous for their Durian and Roche flavor, other flavors are yummy as well. 

Menu board

The Bar

 More gelatossss

 Roche and Nougat & Nutella flavor

I had my all-time-favourite-flavour, Roche and Ms chose the Nougat & Nutella flavor. Both were yummy-ly delicious as usual. I personally loveeeee Ferrero Rocher so I am a little addicted to their Roche flavor. After getting the gelatos, we all sat down, enjoy our gelato and basically just catch up.

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