Tuesday, 13 August 2013

What about Replete Providore?

Having brunch in Replete was an impromptu decision, we were supposed to be eating dim sums that morning afternoon in Tao Tao House but it's a full house. 8 hungry ghost wandering on the side street trying to think of a place for nice brunch and Mr thought of Replete cause it's just few blocks away. Mr had been there for their big breakfast before, he said that it's good and they serve real big portion.

As usual~ A cuppa hot chocolate to start off with

Peppermint Tea Infused Hot Chocolate - This might not be in the menu as it is recommended by le waiter

Spotted a beautiful rose design light on the ceiling

Eggs Benedict - grilled ham hock, mustard, poached eggs, english muffin, hollandaise with extra hash brown

Replete Breakfast - poached eggs, roast tomato, mushrooms, hash brown, bacon, chorizo

grill chicken with lotsa peas? can't find this dish on it's website menu, might be on the special menu board

Replete Omelette with chilli, ham hock and other ingredients

Corn Fritters - istra bacon, sour cream, avocado salso, sweet chilli

Ricotta and Orange Hotcakes - lemoncurd, strawberries

Those that had Replete Breakfast was very satisfied, just that some might find the bacon a bit too salty to their liking. However, the Eggs Benedict was disappointing as the poached eggs were over cooked. The Ricotta and Orange Hotcakes was good, le friend initially wanted to have the other hotcakes from the special menu board but some of the ingredients were not available so he'll just have to settle with this. Overall food was good, if we want to have big breakfast we'll go back to Replete.

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