Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Mr: A Day of Shopping and some Malaysian Touch!

What would be better than starting your day off with some shopping right girls? Hahaha. Well, atleast it works on Ms. Nothing beats having a good shop during a weekend. Its basically like when a bull sees a red cloth, you just cant stop or forbid a girl from shopping. No offence girls, its just a metaphor xD

I'm sure some of you have heard that there are a couple of Direct Factory Outlets (DFO) in Melbourne right? And since we've already been to the one near the city, we've decided to take the trouble and head all the way to the one near the airport at Essendon. We had to take train, transit to another train, then take a bus and walk (10min....ok maybe its 5min ) in order to reach our destination. It took us roughly around 1hour and just so you know, having such a long travelling journey with public transport wasn't pleasant.

And finally, we've arrived and our shopping journey begins! Let start with Ralph Lauren, it totally suck!!! Walking into the Ralph Lauren store was a super big disappointment. We both went in, and came out empty because all they have was size m and above. It was all too big for us. Argghhhh! But on the bright side...save money. Teeheee! =D

To cut things short, we pretty much ended up window shopping the whole time. Ms did bought a couple of things, YAY! But I went home empty which is also a 'YAY!' cos dont have to sakit hati and dompet. Hahaha! After that, we travelled all the way back and decided to eat out on that night and since I was being such a good boyfriend, teman Ms the whole time, walking from shop to shop to shopsss to MORE shopss for the whole afternoon, I got to decide where to eat.

Soo....Laksa King it is! Secretly I knew Ms knew that I would choose Laksa King because I was craving it for such a long time and I kept bugging her to go there and since we were going to passby the place, why not have our dinner there right? So as usual, Laksa King was packed with people as always. And in chinese, there's this saying that represents and reflects such situation which is call 'People-Mountain-People-Sea (人山人海)'. Hahaha! So lame...I know =P

And as usual...I always have to face the same old problem every time I dine in Laksa King, cannot decide what to eat *facepalm* #firstworldproblem

As the name of the restaurant states, Laksa KING, meaning...they are famous for their laksa right? So obviously choosing their laksas is a smart choice and I had it before and I loved it.Well, Laksa King basically serves one of the best laksa in Melbourne. No joke, ask Urbanspoon. BUT at the same time...their other menus were also super duper tempting and I really feel like ordering and eating everything they have *facepalm* #firstworldproblem

In the end, I've decided to get out of my comfort zone and ordered something that I've never tried but always wanted to, Har Mee and thanked god I did because after that, I know I wouldnt have to order that the next time I visit the place. The mee wasnt terrible, it was ok but I would prefer their laksa better, And Ms chose the Stewed "Teo Chew" Rockling Fish Head and it was a yummsss! Ever since we came Melbourne, we hardly got the chance to have fish for our meal. So whenever there is a chance, Ms would order it outside and for this one, Ms totally loved it! You guys should give it a try if you're there.

And that was the end of our night. We will be heading to the winter market again tmr! It is their last night, so if you're in melbourne, you better go, if not you have to wait for a year for the next one. Nights!

Har Mee
Yellow noodles, prawns, pork and egg in prawn broth

Stewed "Teo Chew" Rockling Fish Head 
Stewed rockling fish head with fresh tomatoes, pickled vegetables, chilli and minced ginger in a sour plum sauce garnished with coriander

Guess what was Mr thinking???

Laksa King on Urbanspoon

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