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Teppankai: Our first fine japanese dining experience in Melbourne!


Mr & Ms with Teppankai's business owner, Richard Tan

Special Thanks:

Our sincere thank you to Teppankai & Richard for inviting and giving us such a wonderful Japanese dining experience. 

Hey guys! We're back and its gonna be a really looooooonggg post cos there's just so many food we had that night that we would like to share with you all. Both of us had a really good time dining at Teppankai last Thursday. Just a little introduction, Teppankai is the newest Teppanyaki Japanese restaurant in town. If you're looking for a decent Japanese restaurant, this is definitely a place for you to have a try. Aside from the good food, you would love their services. Honestly, its probably one of the best restaurant services we've experienced so far. So lets cut the chase and let us show you all theseeee tempting food pictures and our dinner!

After we sat down, while waiting for the food, we do what we always do first....CAMWHORE! Hahaha xD

Mr & Ms

 We started our set with these Entrees...

Otoshi (house appetiser)

Mr normally dont really eat raw salmon much but this Otoshi we had was pretty good. Along with their gravy and vegetable, the dish was something different. Both of us never had this before so it was definitely a good start for our dinner. And we forgotten to ask what kind of salmon was that, it has some redish color on it. Anyone know what is it called?

Tofu Salad

After  that, they served us with one of their signature dish, Tofu Salad. Ms liked the salad alot, especially when they used wafu dressing as their sauce and the Angel Seaweed which is the transparent crispy bee-hoon-like ingredient


Spicy Fish Tempura Roll & Gyoza

The Yakitori was nice too but what we would really like to tell and express to you guys is their Spicy Fish Tempura Roll! It was soo sooooo YUMMY! We dont know about you but both of us never had this before so it was our first time trying such roll. Plus, we doubt any other normal Japanese restaurant serves/makes such roll as well. Before we had our dinner at Teppankai, we did a little research and saw some reviews and this Spicy Fish Tempura Roll was highly recommended by others as well. So we were actually looking forward to it and definitely it was far farrrr away from disappointment, so goooodddd!

After that, guess what? Finishing just the entrees alone we were already partially full. Hahaha! Both of us are not big eaters but it was alright, we suck it up and continue enjoying ourselves and stuffing our stummt with all these delicious mains.

Main Course...

Kai Kani Maki (Baked Crab Cake)

Ms and her satisfying Crab Cake

Teppankai also let us try another of their signature dish called Kai Kani Maki (Baked Crab Cake) and it was also something that we never had before and it WAS ALSO SUPER GOOD! Basically the filling was crab meat and after rolling it up with seaweed, they used a slice of fish (if we're not mistaken but pretty sure) to wrap over the whole sushi. Mhhmmmm...just thinking about it again makes me drool and I'm sorry for making you too. Haha! Also, for this Kai Kani Maki, it comes along with some showmanship. The chef literally flamethrow-ed the sushi in front of us! You can check out the video of it on our Instagram.

Chef's doing his definitely impressed us all!

Fried Rice

Next, its time for all the meat-dishes. First, we had the Tiger Prawns, Salmon & Fish of the day along with their Fried Rice. Before we get into the meats, lets talk about the fried rice first. The rice was standard but the showmanship and the cooking stunt the chef pulled in front of us was WAHHHHHH! The way the chef sliced the eggs for the fried rice was really impressive. All of our eyes were wide opened watching him, no jokee! We video-ed it down as well so if you want, which you should definitely, you can check it out on our Instagram, there is a video on it. 

Saucesss~ Left: Teriyaki(for white meat), Middle: Soy sauce, Right: Miso sauce(for red meat)

Tiger Prawns, Salmon & Fish of the day

Ok...back to the meats. The Tiger Prawns, Salmon & Fish of the day was good especially the fish of the day which we forgotten to ask what fish was it again. Sigh! And after trying so many dishes, there is finally a little critic or should we say, can be improved on is their tiger prawn. Normally the texture and the chewy-ness of a well cooked prawn should be firm yet soft when biting it but this dish was lack of that. However, we both think that the problem is not coming from the chef's cooking but more on the quality of the tiger prawn itself. 

 Lamb Cutlet

 Eye Fillet

As for their Lamb Cutlet and  Eye Fillet, both was well cooked as well. The lamb cutlet was really nice and juicy. Sluurpppsss! And as for their eye fillet, we chose medium-cook. Mr couldn't eat beef but Ms liked it. It tasted good, it was juicy and the chewy-ness was just nice.

After 3 hours of consuming foods, our set menu almost finally coming to an end. Both of us was like leaning on the chair and sticking our stomach out like some fatties in the end. We almost needed to loosen our belts as well. Hahaha!

  We ended our very very full and sumptuous dinner with their Black Sesame Tiramisu...

Their Black Sesame Tiramisu was also one of the things we read about on some reviews that we were looking forward too. Initially it was a little disappointing due to the creams and all because both of us, especially Mr, do not like to eat pure cream...big no! BUT...after eating it more, reaching to the cake, tasting it, it was actually pretty good. The taste of the cake ends with a touch of sweetness at the end and the sweetness was perfect, not too sweet. 

- The End -

Thats the end of our dining experience in Teppankai. With the quality of the food and their services, we would definitely give a super big thumbs up! We totally enjoyed dining there that night. Good food, nice place, good ambience and good service. If you feel like having some Japanese tonight and if you ask us, Teppankai is definitely a place you should really consider. The price is not very expensive but if you do not want to spend so much on their sets, you can always go for their ala carte which Mr saw his favourite Spider Roll!!!! So we will definitely go back to try their sushi menu =D

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