Sunday, 4 August 2013

Have you tried ChangGo?

Having trouble deciding where to have your dinner? Well, if you haven't try ChangGo and you are craving for some korean food tonight, here is a place for you to go. ChangGo is basically a korean bbq restaurant located in Melbourne city. Google it and you'll know where is it, dont be lazy. Haha! ChangGo is always filled with people and there is always a queue outside waiting to be seated, so if you're planning to go, I would recommend you to go earlier because I dont think they do reservations (if im not mistaken). 

Waiting List

What is so special about ChangGo? Well, it is basically their special Palsaik Set which consist of 8 different marinated pork belly...

Palsaik Set

- Original Pork Belly -
- Wine Pork Belly -
- Ginseng Pork Belly -
- Garlic Pork Belly -
- Herb Pork Belly -
- Curry Pork Belly -
- Miso Paste Pork Belly -
- Red Pepper Paste Pork Belly -

Tasting all these different types of marinated pork belly was quite fun and interesting. Can you imagine after having one piece of the Ginseng Pork Belly and the next piece you put into your mouth is the Wine Pork Belly? Hahaha. The different taste in each pork is sooo different but at the same time, yummy. Ohhh and also...their assorted vegetable, the side dishes for this set is also reallyyy good! Some people may not like them but we all definitely loveeeeed it and none of the korean restaurant I've been so far serves those which kinda makes ChangGo special. However, we also ordered a Kimchi pancake but it was so so only, nothing fantastic.

The final verdict, our overall dinner here was pretty nice and ofcourse, with the right company. And no doubt ChangGo was also able to provide us a 'different' kind of korean bbq compared to the other ones. Definitely a good place to dine for dinner but honestly speaking, its probably a place that you would keep going and going to have their Palsaik set, unless you're there for their other menus. If you take the Palsaik set away from the equation, just solely the place as a korean bbq restaurant, there are actually many better ones in Melbourne. Dont get me wrong, I'm not saying ChangGo is not good or something alright. What I'm trying to say is that it pretty much depends on what you want. Whether you want the tradisional korean bbq or you want a more unique and different kind of korean bbq, you should go to the restaurant that serves your craving best. 

AND...before we end this post, here's some pictures!

Their interior...very industry-ish kind of design

Yummyyyyy Side dishes

 The grill plate...

We also ordered extra Kimchi Pancake!

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