Thursday, 15 August 2013

Ms: Coffee, Cakes, Gossips and Pizza

Babe Minli came to Melbourne! Last friday we went to Brunetti during teatime since it's a well known cafe throughout Melbourne and it's my first time too. We were there talking and gossiping non-stop for almost 3 hours, it's been too long since we last met so we have so much to catch up! 

Lookie who's here

My first meal of that day

Rum and Raisin Cheesecake

Apple Strudel

PromeseD'Amore 'horn'

I am so not happy with my cake and pastries. I've been told that there are other much better dessert cafe than Brunetti before hand but even so, I still wanted to at least give it a try, then I can say that it's not worth going. Maybe it's just those three dessert on that particular day, at that specific outlet and  unlucky me. The cheesecake is not smooth and creamy at all, it is dry and flaky, even the cheesecake that my mum makes is so much better. The apple strudel is not worth ordering, one word 'soft', where did the crisp pastry gone to!? The 'horn' is okay, no comment on that. In the end, I still finish every bit of it even when it's disappointing. Haha! I just cannot waste desserts =D

Mr went to get his hair cut that afternoon so he came to meet us after he got his new look =P Then we had dinner with Babe Minli's friend at Cafe Cavallino in Lygon St.. Their pizza was very good! Mr preferred the Chicken Pizza but I like the Sausage Pizza more. The only minus point was that the pizza base is oily, I think they fried the pizza base to give it a very crunchy texture.

Sausage Pizza - Sauce, Mozzarella Cheese, Italian Pork Sausages, Egg and Bacon

Chicken Pizza - Sauce, Mozzarella Cheese, Chicken, Pineapple, Parsley

The owner of the restaurant seems to be a very big fan of Ferrari, the theme of the place and even the waiters/waitresses uniform was all about Ferrari F1. It was a simple and casual friday, later on we went for ice cream then played mahjong at one of ze bunch's place. Basically this is how we spend our friday nights, either mahjong or club but somehow it's got to do with alcohol xD It's another friday tomorrow! We both have no classes on friday which means our weekend has begun~~ Hurray =D We're going to Essendon DFO tomorrow, can't wait!

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