Thursday, 8 August 2013

Biggest pasta serving in Melbourne (no joke)

New in Melbourne? Wanna know one place that serves you the maximum portion of pasta with the minimun about of price? SOFIA! First drawback, it is not located in the city so you probably need to spend some train fee to Sofia which is at Camberwell. However, apart from the location, Sofia is a decent and cheap Italian restaurant to go to especially when you're on budget control. 

Let's cut the chase and let me show you our dinner at Sofia..

We first started off with a Minestrone Soup. It was good, nothing more and nothing less.

Minestrone Soup

Then, we ordered this Tortellini Pollo Funghi pasta for our main. 

 Chicken pieces, mushrooms in a tasty cream and Napoli sauce

And we ended our dinner with some dessert. Well...Ms basically ate up the whole piece of cake herself xD

TimTam Cheesecake

 Ms with her cakeeee

Mr didnt actually order the cake so he just wanna have a try... 

 Minutes later...GONE!

Funny why we only had a soup and a main for our dinner? Thats because both their serving is sooo big that we had to share. Dont let the picture fool you. In reality, the portion on the bowl and plate is much bigger. PLUS! we ordered a small for our pasta. If it was a large, I doubt we could finish it. Besides, we couldnt even finish our soup. This shows how big it was, no joke. Normally what people do is that they order a large one and share among 3 people and for 2 females, I would say one small size pasta is definitely enough to fill your stomach up, unless you're a super huge eater. And technically, thats what they are famous for anyways. So grab your Myki card and give Sofia a try!

*Ps: when I say the portion is really big, I meant that it is around double the portion of other restaurant and 2 person sharing one pasta is definitely enough alright, not super duper massive gigantic portion =P

You cant see meeeee...hehe!

Why you dont want let me take picture of you *angryface*

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