Saturday, 17 August 2013

Mr: Birthday celebration at Scugnizzo

Finally...a decent Italian meal after so sooo long! It seems like forever since I last remember having some Italian food. For the past few months, all I've been ingesting myself with either korean food or english breakfast, Japanese once in a while but definitely not Italian.

Dont ask me why...I have no idea as well but maybe its because the Italian standard in Melbourne here is just not that significant? It feels like I could find better ones back in KL. Plus the ones that I had before are just average so the first impression I had on Melbourne's Italian food standard is pretty much goneee. 

*Every Italian restaurant's owners and chefs on Lygon Street are probably hunting me down right now to chop me after reading this post. Hahaha!*

Well, me and Ms are looking for good Italian restaurant to try so if you would like us to try any place, let us know in the comment box! 

Ok...back to Scugnizzo. We went there for dinner last week to celebration my friend's 21st birthday celebration. The place was not hard to find if you use your phone as a GPS but its definitely not a place where you will notice if you're driving. The location of the restaurant is sort off like at some alley and one problem about Melbourne is that they do not have enough street lights so yeah.

However, not to worry, the low-light and alley-ish enviroment outside of the restaurant is nothing like the enviroment inside. Honestly, I wasn't actually expecting it especially after walking through those alleys but the restaurant definitely has the decent Italian 'feel' inside. 

After we sat down, we browse through their menu and guess what? I do not understand atleast 70% of the whole menu. Hahaha! Scugnizzo is a very typical Italian restaurant, which means I do not know or have ever seen such ingredient before in my life..

So conclussion is, my lack of Italian food knowledge + dining at a typical Italian restaurant = GG DOT COM!

Dont laugh! Seriously man...I flipped the whole menu back and forth like a thousand times hoping to find atleast one or two familar names and to choose something to eat *facepalm*. But in the end, I finally found something and it was like hitting a jackpot. Hahaha...

Despite having a hard time choosing something to eat, the food I ordered, Ms ordered and my friends ordered was actually really good. The portion for the pastas are a little small but according to those who ordered them, they seems pretty satisfied with it. In fact, the whole dinner was a satisfactory. Yummmsss!

And before I end the post, here are some pictures taken on that night. Cheers!

Lets dig in!

Arancini Filanti con Sugo - Arancini filled with mozzarella and capsicum served with tomato sauce

 Agnolotti Alla Veneziana - Housemade calf liver & caramelised onion agnddti, served with sage butter & grana sauce

Mr's Scugnizzo Pizze - Tomato and basil sauce, sausage, scamorza, mushroom and rocket

 Diavola Pizze - Tomato and basil sauce, hot salame, spinach, roast capsicum, chilli and mozzarella

Ms's Bandiera Alla Puttanesca - Blue grenadier fillet baked in puttanesca sauce, served with salted leek and spinach

Mr with the birthday girl~

Ms with the birthday girl~


Mr & Ms

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