Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Ms: Breakkie Date at JellyStone

Class started! No more sleep-till-noon-wake-up-nothing-to-do days for me, no more random brunch hunting and outing till semester break =( Oh at least I'm class free for friday so yayy to longer weekend =D Met up with one of my besties for breakkie one day, she brought me to Brunswick for JellyStone as we wanna try something not so mainstream.

Her lovey dovey Latte and my lovey dovey Hot Chocolate

Always loved outdoor seating

View from our table

 Le bestie

Emptied my cup before my food arrives

Omelette - with buttered leek, kale, gruyere, thyme & chili salt

French Toast - cinnamon soaked brioche, berry compote, vanilla bean labne, amoretti crumbs & maple 

Forks up! Dig in!

Lil baby came to us, cuteeeeeeee

Outdoor seating common table


"Today's special" board

Indoor seating

Le counter

Apple Crumble Muesli & Custard~ nom nom nom! Saw this at the counter and it's tempting

Le exterior of the breakkie place, feels like a storybook house

We love our breakkie! We shared our food so that I can taste both dishes as I had a dilemma choosing which dish to eat, like I always have. Did you ever had the experience when you look at a menu and there's so many dishes that you wanted to try but you've only got one stomach? It happens to me all the time! I can feel Mr's frustration whenever I asked him what should I eat =P

Back to JellyStone, both the savoury Omelette and the sweet French Toast was gooood~ Wouldn't hesitate to go back for second but it's quite a tram ride away from CBD and we need to take a few train stop to reach the CBD as well so going to JellyStone won't be a regular thing. It was a good day, we sat there chatting and gossiping non-stop as we haven't met for so long and there's so much catching up to do. Instead of always going to those mainstream and top of the list brunch place, I like to try out non-mainstream brunch place with nice atmosphere too but it's hard to find places like these by my limited sources. Any recommendations where's to next?

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