Monday, 8 July 2013

Dinner @ ShopHouse Kitchen 大食家

ShopHouse Kitchen is a newly opened asian eatery in QV, whenever we walk pass this restaurant, their Char Siew/叉烧(honey glazed barbecue pork), Siew Yok/烧肉(roasted pork belly), Siew Ngap/烧鸭(roasted duck) and Siew Gai/烧鸡(roasted chicken) seems to be so tempting. So one day since we're already in the CBD and have no plans for dinner, we thought of this place and decided to give it a shot plus we miss hongkong-ish food.

Le menu

Typical hongkong-ish big menu - lot's of food choices with attractive photos

Soya milk with soya pudding/豆浆水加豆腐花

Ms : This soya milk with soya pudding taste so so only, i miss mum's homemade soyamilk ='(

Few tables of patrons at around 5.30pm on a weekday 

Mr's choice : Asian Roast on Rice - Roasted Duck/明炉烧味 - 烧鸭饭

Ms's choice : Barbecue Pork and Fried Wonton with Dry LaMian Noodle/炸云吞叉烧干捞面

Candid shot

Both our food was okay, wouldn't say that it's really good cause there are better ones but they have varieties of food and a lot of it looks yummy from photos so we don't mind going back to try out some of their other dishes. 

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