Thursday, 18 July 2013

Breakkie and Tea Date : Two Birds One Stone & Lindt Chocolate Cafe

Is Melbourne having pms today? Early morning it was wet and drizzling, noon time it's sunny and warm(went up to 21 degree celcius) and blows strong wind with heavy rain near evening. Mr said "now this is Melbourne". Lucky we decided to go out yesterday instead of today. Yesterday, Melbourne was stable, warm and sunny! Perfect day for outing so we went to Chapel St hoping to do some shopping and of course brunch hunting!

Happy girl wanna go shopping so badly =)

Our pick-of-the-day cafe was Two Birds One Stone, located at a small lane along Toorak Rd that we'll have to pass by while heading to Chapel St, just a few 10 mins away from South Yarra Station.

Two birds but where's the stone?

Camwhoring while waiting for our food to arrive

Mr's choice: Roast Chicken Sandwich with house made sausage, aioli & rocket

Ms's choice: Eggs Benedict, house smoked ham hock & béarnaise on toast

Le common table

We had a nice loooong chat while waiting for our meal to be served, they certainly took quite some time in the kitchen. Ms enjoyed her Eggs Benedict, especially the smoked ham but Mr was not happy with his Roast Chicken Sandwich, the bread was abit too elastic for his liking. 

After brunch we went to shop around and then we walked pass this chocolate shop and to our surprise it's Lindt's chocolate! Lindt chocolate is one of Ms's favourite chocolate brand, eating Lindt's chocolate itself is already so good, imagine eating cakes and desserts made from it. Oh So Yum!!!

Waffles!! Mr's favourite <3 nbsp="">

Crunchy waffle topped with melted Lindt milk chocolate and white chocolate vanilla ice cream 

Happy kid decorating his waffle

For MsHot Chocolate of course!

DIY Hot Chocolate, you can adjust the thickness suit to your liking

Ms had her hot chocolate in one shot, melted chocolate pot was emptied and yet the steamed milk was still 80% there, YAY for THICK THICK HOT CHOCOLATE =D

Looking into emptied cup while Mr is still having his own sweet time with his waffle, hot chocolate finished in less than 90 seconds =(

There's a few Lindt cafes around Australia and sadly Australia only but fret not, it's as simple as 1 2 3 to make your own hot chocolate or waffles or fondue with Lindt chocolate bars that's available in most supermarkets. Just heat it up and mix it with hot milk and there you go, now you can enjoy Lindt cafe under your own roof.

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