Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Dimm summm!

The long wait has finally come to an end for you readers and followers (if there is even one...hahaa!). Sorry for taking so long to post something up. We've been busy lately which we cant think exactly why are we busy but anywaysss, Ms has started class already and for Mr is still having his holidays. Life is still the same for us, peaceful and all.

Remember our usual movie date? Well, we had our usual movie date again this week and we decide to go for Wolverine. It was GOOD! The show provides adequate action scenes, not too bad story line and love the robot-samurai idea. Hopefully they'll come out more x-men movies in the future! =D

So, one of the typical thing about us chinese-malaysians is that we love having dim sum. Whether its on a Sunday with the family or Saturday super early morning after a long party on friday night. Sadly for us malaysians in Melbourne, the dim sum stores here doesn't provide the same standards in KL in terms of the pricing and quality PLUS, it doesn't open at 6am in the morning....hahaha!

However, we still manage to find a good dim sum called Gold Leaf. And apparently, Gold Leaf serves one of the good dim sums in Melbourne. And that was the reason why we had to go and have a try...

Ms with her egg tart~ *happykid*

Mr with the dim sum kakis AKA 'the bunch'

The final verdict for this so called 'good' dim sum restaurant for us is....its GOOD! Hahahaaa! It was a Sunday that we went if we're not mistaken, the resturant was so busy but the quality of the food they serve was still fresh and nice. We really enjoyed our dim sum experience there that day. Love the ambience, the interior, the food and mostly, the company. If we or even you, have any craving for dim sum and you're in Melbourne, this is a good place for you, good quality and its not pricey. 

Having said that, we just found another dim sum place called Tao Tao house and based on the reviews we found online, apparently it is even better than Gold Leaf. So, we are gonna try that place soon to verify that comment so....stay tuneeee! 

Gold Leaf on Urbanspoon


  1. where was wolverine by the way? How much for the yum cha? Is it per piece or all you can eat?

    1. Hey! We watched Wolverine at Melbourne Central. Our bill was around 60aud for 4 pax that day. It is not all you can eat buffet. Their selling price for each dish is around $4 - $4.5 =)

    2. ok. I know that in some places have all you can eat. that's why I was asking. :)

    3. Unfortunately they dont do all you can eat. But if you're really looking for a good dim sum place and you dont mind paying a little bit more, Tao Tao house would be a better choice for us compare to Gold Leaf...