Saturday, 6 July 2013

Brunch @ The Hardware Societe

At last, here we are at The Hardware Societe! It has been on our to-try-list for quite some time. Mr had been in Melbourne for more than a year but didn't had the initiative to try it out so we, along with Mr's buddies from KL decided to give it a try, it is after all at the number one ranking for brunch in CBD on Urbanspoon (as at July 2013).

We reach our brunch spot at 10.30am

Look at the queue on a Monday morning!

What other better ways to kill time while waiting? 

Selfie =D

Cooperative stranger doing funny faces with us xD

Le lovely host with a flower on his head was quite attentive 

Our group of 5 were not completed when it's our turn so we have to wait until the rest of the guys arrive then only we are brought to our tables. We were quite anxious as it's already 11+ and the guys are still on their way, we wouldn't want to miss their breakfast menu because the breakfast menu only serve till 11.30am.

Can't wait to be seated inside

Beverage and dessert counter

Raspberry & Coconut Bread and Butter Pudding

Pistachio & Raspberry Teacake *gluten free*

Hazelnut & Cranberry Meringue *gluten free*

Le Breakfast Menu

Seated at the big sharing table, LOL le kid's expression spelled it all out, le mum is invading his food

Fried Eggs - jamon & roast tomato tostada, el trigal manchego ewes milk cheese & rocket

Scrambled Eggs with chorizo, smoked eggplant, el trigal manchego cheese

Saucisse De Morteau - white bean & chorizo broth, poached eggs

Baked Eggs with chorizo sausage, piquillo pimientos sauce, crunchy almonds, queso de cabra goats milk cheese

Le guys

Ms loved her Baked Eggs this much

Their breakfast menu was good as no negative feedback were given by le guys and one thumbs up given by Ms for her choice of Baked eggs. Initially Mr wanted to order one particular dish that he saw someone is having while we are queueing but we can't figure out what that dish is even after going through the menu and asking the waitress. Fried Eggs seems to have the similar ingredient to that dish but sadly it came out presented not the same as what he saw so he is quite disappointed. 

If Mr is to decide a place for brunch he wouldn't choose to go back for their breakfast menu again as nothing in the menu catches his eyes, instead lunch menu would be an interest to him with ingredients like pork belly and salmon fish etc. As for Ms, The Hardware Societe will be one of her choices for Baked Eggs but for her next visit on their breakfast menu she would like to try their Banana Loaf because it is also one of their known-for-dish. 

The place was busy that day but the service we got was quick and attentive. We heard that they change their menu sometimes but the friendly waitress that was serving our table explained to us that the ingredients probably wouldn't change much but the cooking methods will have a slight difference. And don't forget to ask if there's any off the menu dishes as we overheard her introducing to the other table and it sounds yummy!

The Hardware Societe on Urbanspoon

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