Friday, 19 July 2013

Late Night Supper Series: #1 Monga Dessert Lounge

One late night, our friend was feeling bored so he picked us up and we went to Box Hill for Tong Sui. It's our first time being in Box Hill during such late night, we saw some restaurant were still open offering supper till late night 2am. Next time we know where to find food during midnight. Le friend introduce us to Monga, actually there's not many Tong Sui shop around Melbourne, one of the most recognised one's for Tong Sui would be Dessert Story but their desserts were kind of disappointing. Monga has quite an interesting concept, it looks like your typical hong kong-ish cafe and it definitely makes you feels like you are in Hong Kong.

Le menu board

Le stairs leading up to the shop, every little details reflects the old chinese household design

More nostalgia stuffs as decorations along the stairs

Typical! Hong Kong!

Tong Sui means sweet soup in cantonese pronunciation, common Tong Sui that most people cook it themselves at home are green bean soup, red bean soup and sweet potato soup. We love to cook red bean soup and sweet potato soup at home so we ordered the kind-of-hard-for-us-to-cook Tong Sui.

Water Chestnut Sweet Soup with Osmanthus

Black Sesame Sweet Soup

We wouldn't say Monga offers very good Tong Sui but it's so much better than Dessert Story, at least their hot desserts are REALLY hot, sadly the hot desserts that we had in Dessert Story was not even hot at all, they should categorised it as warm dessert instead. The Water Chestnut Sweet Soup with Osmanthus was good and not overly sweetened. As for the Black Sesame Sweet Soup, the taste and sweetness was okay but it could have been better if it's slightly thicken. We will be back for more of their desserts some late night, our late night supper series is up and let's keep it going! 

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